Coffee and Tea: October 2008 Archives

choice-peppermint-tea.gif We try to source most of the food in our house as close to home as possible. For meat, vegetables, and many berries, this is easy to do in Washington. The wines and beers produced in the state are excellent too. Finding coffee and tea with ingredients sourced in the United States is almost impossible. I'm not ready to give up either beverage anytime soon, so the next best option has typically been to seek out roasters who use Fair Trade beans and leaves whenever possible. Recently, Choice Organic Teas, based in Seattle, started sourcing peppermint and lavender for some of their herbal teas directly in the state, creating what I believe are some of the only U.S. grown teas. Certainly they are among the only U.S. grown organic teas. In a product category where buying local has typically meant buying from South America, it's nice to see there are finally some options available from the U.S. too. Bonus for those of us who live a mere two hours from some of the crops.

Hat tip to Green LA Girl for a great round up of Fair Trade Tea.