Rachel Belle: November 2008 Archives

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are most certainly spoiled by the huge variety of local, hand crafted, lip smacking micro brewed beers. But order one up at your favorite watering hole, and it will probably arrive in the same old boring pint glass.

"I want to drink my beer out of a giant glass boot!" You scream, while shaking your fists up at the starry night sky. But there really is no reason to scream. You can enjoy a brew in a boot at Die BierStube; a German-style bar tucked into Seattle's Roosevelt neighborhood.


Boot boozing is more of an organized occasion than a leisurely after work drink. In order to order one, there must be at least three thirsty people in your party. Once your two liter arrives, the game begins. Pass the boot around, but never ever let it touch the table. If it does, that person will be penalized. I hear the punishment is supposed to involve chugging the entire boot, but my friends and I hold the guilty person to a rousing round of Truth or Dare. Boot drinking isn't for the weak - it involves some skill. Once the beer level drops to the ankle, you have to tilt the glass just so...or end up with a face full of foam.

Beer lovers will be tickled with Die BierStube's selection. There are more than a dozen German brews on tap including one of my favorites, Franziskaner WeissBier, a wheat ale with notes of banana. If you crave the classic beer and pretzel combination, Die BierStube's are big, warm, and soft and served with squirts of grainy and spicy/sweet mustards.

Thumbnail image for pretzel.JPG

So say goodbye to boring old pints of beer. But I'm warning you: once you go boot, you never go back.