Halloween Appetizer - Blackberry Bat Wings

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Halloween-themed candy doesn't have to be nothing but processed sugar and chocolate to taste great, although it certainly doesn't hurt. Fruit can add a slightly different spin on the Halloween holiday, like in these blackberry bat wings, which are basically a homemade fruit leather or fruit roll-up cut in wing-like shapes. The ingredients and cooking process make it simple and kids and adults will both love them. You can use the recipe outside the Halloween holiday to make homemade fruit leather.

Halloween Party Recipe - Blackberry Bat Wings

Blackberry Bat Wings Ingredients
Blackberries, 4 pints
3/4 cup sugar

1) Puree sugar and berries. Strain the puree into a sauce pan to eliminate any seeds.
2) Cook on medium heat stirring occasionally until the puree is reduced by 3/4.
3) Place a Silpat or waxed paper on a sheet pan. Spread reduced puree on the covered portion of the sheet pan.
4) Bake on sheet pan at 200 degrees for 1-3 hours until the top is almost not sticky to the touch.
5) Allow to cool for 3 hours. Tear or trim with a parring knife into jagged shapes resembling bat wings.
6) Store in airtight container on parchment to keep "wings" separated until serving.

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